Legendary Kenyan marathoner reveals how she went without food in Rio showpice



Former Kenyan legendary marathoner Catherine Ndereba has made shocking revelations on how she was locked out of the Rio de Janeiro Olympic village without food and money, even as a top athletics official from the East African country walked around with about $250,000 in cash.

Despite being the chairperson of the Kenyan team, Ndereba also experienced the embarrassing living conditions that Kenyan athletes were forced into during their stay in Rio.

The 44-year-old recounted how she was given two tickets to Brazil by the Kenyan Rio Olympics organizers, only to arrive there and be locked out of the Olympic village.

Kenyan athletes who travelled to Rio to represent their country complained of deplorable living conditions.

Reports emerged of some officials tagging along family members to the Rio showpiece, even as the athletes languished in the embarrassing conditions.

Following these reports, Kenya’s sports minister sacked the National Olympics Committee and instituted an investigative body to look into the Rio mess.

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