Nigeria eases Visa processing for investors


Nigeria government has improved the process of issuing Visa on arrival for foreign investors coming into the West African nation in efforts to improve the ease of doing business in the country reports Today.

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo shared fresh insights into the government’s economic recovery efforts, explaining that Nigeria will be run like other investor friendly countries, and the government will ensure that it is easier for people to access all the different facilities that would make it easy to do business in the country.

One of the major problems that foreign investors are encountering in Nigeria is accessing the country’s Visa which is shy the federal government of Nigeria is keen on introducing visa on arrival for investors.

“One of the important innovations that we have introduced is that of visa on arrival. This process is one that is already in regulations. That usually involves your applying ahead and just taking up a visa. The actual visa on arrival process that we think will free off the process is one where you are able to arrive here and get your visa,” Osinbajo said.

The vice President further added that creating the right environment for start-ups and business was critical to the government. Bureaucracy and corruption are major issues that entrepreneurs encounter while access to credit and land registration are some of the other issues.

According to the VP“one of the ways we are trying to streamline the process is to ensure that a government department does not ask you to go and get a certification from another government department. It is the business of government departments to talk to each other and facilitate the process for the investor or the person who is doing the business.”