4000 rural schools electrified in Zimbabwe

online photo representing electricity shortage in Zimbabwe
4000 rural schools electrified in Zimbabwe

In an effort to ensure access to reliable and sustainable energy for all, Zimbabwe has electrified over 4,000 primary and secondary schools across the country.

Zimbabwe’s government through Zim-Asset aims at lighting up every remote institution in the rural part of the country including business centres, healthcare centres, small-scale farms and villages by 2018. The Herald reports.

Mr Johannes Nyamayedenga, REA public relations and marketing manager said that so far 2418 primary schools and 1277 secondary schools had been electrified.

A total of 2512 primary and 746 secondary schools were yet to be electrified.

Mr Nyamayedenga said that irrigation farming had improved in communal lands across the country as several villages and farming communities received electricity.