Coffee might be wiped out from the face of earth by 2080



Coffee could become extinct by 2080 due to climate change with suitable coffee farmland expected to be halved by 2050 due the rising temperatures, pests and fungi reports Independent.

According to report released by The Climate Institute the disappearance of coffee will have an impact on over 120 million people worldwide whose livelihoods depend on coffee beans. More than 70 countries in the world including Tanzania, Burundi and Ethiopia relay on coffee as the main industry driving their economies.

Soaring prices are expected as well as flavour and aroma seriously impacted.

“More and more extreme weather events in major coffee-producing regions seem set to create supply shortages, and hotter conditions will impair flavour and aroma.” Said the report

Coffee production will move away from the equator and up the mountains over the next decades causing more deforestation.

According to a recent report Coffee production in East Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia) is expected to drop by a million bags due to erratic weather conditions, pests and diseases for the next one year.