Tanzania to reduce gas emission by a fifth


Tanzania is set to implement climate change mitigation actions to reduce greenhouse gas emission by 10 to 20 percent by the year 2030 reports the Citizen.

The mitigation actions will be implemented in the energy, transport, forestry and waste management sectors, in order to achieve low emission.

“These sectors are among the top contributors towards economic development in Tanzania and the intended contributions by these sectors are considered fair and ambitious in the light of Tanzania’s national circumstances and for achieving the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change objective,” said Mr Freddy Manyika, an official in the Vice President’s Office (Environment)

Tanzania government is looking to reduce emissions in energy by exploring and investing in diversification of energy system to reduce the gas emissions and encourage economic development by making energy more available, affordable and reliable.

In addition, there will be promotion of clean energy technologies such as geothermal, wind, solar and renewable biomass.

The East African nation will encourage low emission transport systems by deploying mass rapid transport systems and investing in air, rail, marine and road infrastructures.

Tanzania will strengthen protection and conservation of natural forests to maintain ecological integrity and continued benefiting from service provisions of the sector and enhancement and conservation of forest carbon stocks. Furthermore the country is embarking on enhanced use of natural gas.