Abducted Ugandans freed by South Sudan rebels

Imatong Mountains – Picture courtesy

Eight Ugandan business men abducted by the Sudanese rebels have been released in South Sudan reports Daily Monitor.

The eight Ugandans were reportedly abducted while cutting timber in South Sudan near the Ugandan border, in Lubone Sub-county, Magwi County, Imatong State, five kilometers from the Ugandan border point of Aweno-Olwi in Lamwo District according to security officials.

Two were released on Tuesday last week before the other six were released today. The abductees demanded a ransom of 3 million Ugandan shillings for the release of the six that remained and the three power saws that they were captured with.

The abductees were released after the local government negotiated with the rebels who warned the traders against carrying out lumbering in the area without paying a trading licence.

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