Ugandan government to verify dismissed civil servants



The government of Uganda will be verifying at least 9,757 public servants who were deleted from government payroll from July 2016 reports the Daily Monitor.

The government recalled the workers 7,040 public officers for verification from the total list and 2,717 were recalled to have their particulars verified. A majority of the public servants names on the payroll were different from the names in the national identification register database.

“The under-listed 7,040 public officers are informed to report to Ministry of Public Service for payroll validation from August 8 not later than August 19,” the Ministry of Public Service statement read in part.

The civil servants were asked to bring their payslips, letters of appointment among other documents for the validation process. The workers that will not go for the validation will be permanently deleted from the payroll in September.  However, those deployed abroad have been given a deadline of 15th January 2017 to show up for validation.

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