Public vehicles in Burundi prohibited from crossing into Rwanda

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Burundi public transport forbidden from crossing into Rwanda as the two neighbour’s relations deteriorates reports rfi.

Police were at the bus stations to stop any journey towards Rwanda on Saturday and passengers in buses were forced to get off the bus. The police also prohibited any buses from coming in as well.

On Friday, several public transport vehicles were stopped at the border with Rwanda as Burundi takes security measures to stop many criminals from crossing over according to the Burundi government spokesperson Pierre Nkurikiye. According to police sources say ” armed groups destabilizing Burundi come from Rwanda in the buses that belong to these travel agencies ”, says IWACU

However, Private vehicles are allowed to go through with no food products on board, since Burundi banned the export of foodstuffs to neighbouring countries last week as authorities fear a shortage of food due to drought. Parcem, a non-governmental organization believes that agricultural production is experiencing a 30 percent deficit so food insecurity is unavoidable.

Traders at the work have complained of looses due to the restrictions.