Thousands of homes destroyed, people killed in Sudan floods

picture of floods in Sudan (picture courtesy)

At least 76 people have died and over 1300 houses destroyed by heavy floods and rains in Sudan.

“ The recent rains and floods have caused great loss in lives and properties in 13 states of sudan, leading to the death of 76” said the Sudanese Minister of Interior Ismat Abdel Rahman

One of the worst hit areas in the eastern province of Kasssala at least 3,206 houses were destroyed and 3,048 others damaged.

According to Reuters Sudan suffers from an underdeveloped infrastructure, particularly in rural areas, which makes it harder to cope with heavy rain and natural disasters.

Sudanese government has warned citizens around the Nile River to take necessary precautions due to the rising levels of the river. According to the Water and Irrigation Ministry for the first time in a century, the Nile River is at its highest levels, swollen by heavy rain in many parts of the East African country.