South Africa deploys 2000 Soldiers ahead of elections

South African soldiers march to formation before welcoming the funeral cortege carrying the coffin of former South African President Nelson Mandela to the Union Buildings in Pretoria
South African soldiers -Picture courtesy

South African President Jacob Zuma has deployed 2000 soldiers to election hotspots across the country to help maintain law and order during the local elections set for tomorrow reports Eyewitness news.

The soldiers will remain on ground until a week after tomorrow’s polls as South Africans vote in local government officials.

President Zuma urged citizens to vote in elections and assured that tight security measures were in place to ensure that no criminal or violent incidents will mar the Wednesday’s elections.

“We are looking forward to a peaceful election day with no intimidation. There have been intimidation activities that took lives of people. We want people to be assured that they will vote without any interference,” said President Zuma.

Approximately 28 million people are expected to vote in the elections, while over 200 political parties and 61,000 independent candidates are participating in the municipal polls

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