Namibia deports nine South African Muslims

Namibia deports nine south African Muslims

Namibia deported nine South African Muslims Tuesday for allegedly breaching conditions of their stay by engaging in religious work after entering the country on visitors permit. Africa News Agency reported.

Sheikh Abubakr Desmond Dawid Tjipanga of the Namibia Islamic Judicial Council (NIJC) told The Namibian that the group was visiting the country to strengthen the brotherhood with fellow Muslims. This according to the Namibian

When the group entered the country they were put under surveillance by the immigration officials.  The group was later arrested by the immigration after questioning and release by the police.

The group was deported after they failed to provide work permits for them to undertake religious activities in the country.

Tjipanga said the arrest of the group, which was in the country to “strengthen the brotherhood with fellow Muslims”, was a clear act of discrimination against Muslims because their faith is anchored on daily prayers, even while on holiday. Africa News Agency reported.

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