Morocco to return to the African Union after more than three decades of absence

Mohammed VI of Morocco

After 32 years of absence, Morocco has decided to return to the African Union (AU) reports Morocco World News.

Morocco withdrew from the AU back then Organization of African Unity in 1984 after the pan African organization accepted the self-proclaimed Sharawi Arab Democratic Republic as a full-fledged member state.

The historic return will be announced between 17th and 18th of July when the heads of states meet in Rwanda’s capital Kigali for AU’s 27th Summit.

According to reports Morocco’ foreign Minister Salahedine Mezouar has visited several African capitals, including Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Senegal, Tunisia Cameroon, Cote D’ivoire, and Ethiopia, in preparation for the event.

“An informed source said Minister Mezouar’s tour in Africa could aim for the preparation of a trip of King Mohammed VI to participate in the African Union Summit, while Rabat has so far merely marked its presence by sending the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation to the sidelines of the AU summits,” the same source told Moroccan newspaper Akhbar Alyoum.

Morocco received Rwandan President Paul Kagame, who is the chair of the summit, on June 20-21. The visit seems to have been to convince the Morocco to return to the AU. Several African states have called upon Morocco to take its seat at the Au over recent years.

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