Rwanda bans Muslim women from wearing Niqab



Rwanda has banned all Muslim women from wearing full faced veils – Niqab- for security reasons, reports Xinhua

The Mufti of Rwandan Muslims Salim Hitimana announced during the Eid celebrations that since the veil has been banned since conceals faces… adding that the veil has been used by terrorists across the world to compromise security.

Salim stressed that the Quuran states “Women to cover all parts of the body but not their faces and the hands”

The Rwanda police welcomed the decision by the High Council of Muslims in Rwanda banning Niqab, stating that it is a measure for safety and security.

“Rwanda National Police supports any decision by any institution, religious denominations and other civil society organization that aims at complementing  existing policies and initiatives to ensure maximum security,” said RNP spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Celestin Twahirwa according to a statement released by the police.


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