Ugandan sues government over Sudanese President visit



A Ugandan has petitioned the Constitutional court over Ugandan government’s failure to arrest Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, who was indicted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) on counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity, but ruled there was insufficient evidence to prosecute him for genocide reports The Observer.

Brian Serius filed the petition on July 7th 2016, says that, the Sudanese President visited Uganda – upon invitation-  during the inauguration of President Museveni on May 12 2016. The invitation that was extended to the Sudanese President by the Ugandan government was a contravention of Uganda’s obligations under article 89 of the Rome Statute, which obligates member states to cooperate by arresting and surrendering to the court an indicted person according to the petition.

Serius wants the Constitutional court to issue a permanent injunction restraining government from doing further acts that violate and undermine the duties and obligations of Uganda under the Rome statute.

During the inauguration ceremony, Ugandan President Museveni said the ICC “is none of our business; that’s a useless body. Initially we thought they were serious but they are a bunch of useless people.” Reports The Observer.

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