Burkina Faso arrests 10 suspects for terror attacks

Ten suspects involved in attacks in Ouagadougou and Cote d’Ivoire’s Grand-Bassam early this year have been arrested, Burkina Faso’s security minister Simon Compaore said Thursday.


“Forty nine people of different citizenship, of which three women, have been arrested. After further investigations, 39 have been released,” Compaore said.

The official also said six of the suspects well known to security services are actively sought, as they are involved in the Ouagadougou attacks that killed 30 people in January this year.

He further said two young Burkina citizens aged 30, who tried to establish jihadist group in the country, are under arrest since 2015.

“They have been trained in Niger and took part in several terrorist attacks in Mali, especially attacks against the United Nations’ peacekeeping forces in Mali,” the minister added. Enditem