Egypt’s President Al-Sisi ratifies amendments on weapons and armour law

President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi ratified amendments to the laws of weapons and armour, and the civil affairs law on Sunday.

The weapons and armour law amendments had been reviewed by parliament for a few months. The amendments mostly include procedures and financial rates of issuing licenses that allow Egyptians to own weapons.


It was ratified by parliament in January. The amendments had been initially put up for discussion since 2014.

The amendments replaced articles number 33 and 34. In its new version, article 33 states an increase in the licensing fees for the first weapon, going up to EGP 500 from only EGP 4, and EGP 500 for every other weapon licensing. Temporary licensing fees for tourists were placed at EGP 1,000 instead of only EGP 1.

The new law mandated the minister of interior to exempt those who completed their national security service from the fees of licensing the weapon or renewing it.

Article 34 stated that the fees of issuing a license for trading and producing weapons or armour amount to EGP 6,000, and that the license should be renewed every three years for EGP 5,000.

It further states that if the owner decided to expand his business and issue a new license for another shop, the fees automatically increase by 50%. The weapon maintenance license fees were also placed at EGP 1,000, and are subject to renewal every 3 years for an additional EGP 1,000.

The old version of the law stated the fees of trading and manufacturing weapons as EGP 150, with a renewal fee of EGP 50, and a maintenance fee of EGP 25.

A new package of fees was added to article number 34. Obtaining the permission to buy a weapon now costs EGP 100, while the permission to replace a weapon costs EGP 500. Individuals need to pay EGP 50 for permission to purchase armour, and EGP 500 for hunting permission.

Moreover, transporting weapons and armour costs EGP 100, while obtaining the permission of transferring explosives costs EGP 200. If a license is lost, EGP 100 needs to be paid for permission to issue new licenses, and the permission of importing weapons and armour costs EGP 100.