Egypt’s government employs more foreigners


The government of Egypt employed 52 percent more foreign employees in 2015 than in 2014. The total number of foreigners working under the state stand at 850 people reports Ahram.

Out of all the foreigners working for the Egyptian government 52 percent come from Europe and 16 percent from Asian countries. Almost 40 percent of the foreign employees work in the public sector with a majority of the number working for the Egyptian Natural Gas Holding.

Government entities Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation and the Egyptian Radio and Television Union hire 53 percent of the foreign workers.

The Egyptian government charges approximately 383 dollars fee for work permits and the rate starts rising in the fourth year of employment with the fee getting to 1, 530 dollars over extended periods.

Egypt’s Ministry of Manpower issued a decree to regulate foreigners work in Egypt in 2015, September. The regulations limit the percentage of foreigners working in any institution at 10 percent.