Mozambique Celebrates 41st Anniversary of Independence

Mozambique celebrates today the 41st anniversary of its independence seeking to protect peace, economic development and the fight against hunger and poverty.

“The next stage targets production and increased productivity, commitment to economic emancipation and agriculture as one of the main elements for the development of our country”, Antonio Niquice, spokesperson for the ruling party Mozambique Liberation Front (Frelimo), told the media.


On occasion of the celebration for the independence, which includes the 52nd anniversary of Frelimo’s creation (June 25th), Niquice said that the large natural resources found in recent years in the country “will be an important added value to reach economic independence and boost prosperity for the Mozambican population”.

Keeping peace and national unity will also be ways to protect the achievements won with the independence on June 25th, 1975.

He acknowledged that the objectives pursued by Frelimo with freedom, as economic and social development and fighting poverty, were severely affected by the civil war that lasted 16 years and ended in 1992.

“We assess as positive the 41 years of independence, taking into account the challenges imposed on us over those years”, he said.

Currently the central region of Mozambique is subjected to clashes between security and defense forces and the armed wing of the Mozambican National Resistance (Renamo), main opposition party.

After reaching a truce agreed in September 2014, Renamo participated in the elections of October, 2014 but rejecting the victory of Frelimo it took again the arms.

In this scenario, representatives from the Government and Renamo hold talks to arrange the long-awaited peace talks between President Filipe Nyusi and opposition leader Afonso Dhlakama.

Frelimo and Renamo fought a civil war after independence.

Both parties signed the Rome agreement, which put an end to hostilities 24 years ago, since then Frelimo rules in Mozambique, under mutual accusations of kidnappings and killings of their members.