Senegal’s mobile software helping commuters pick best public transport route

Senegal’s mobile software helping commuters pick best public transport route

It’s become much easier to travel in Senegal thanks to a new app. Talibi was developed by a Senegalese start-up to help improve efficiency in public transport. The creator is hoping to win over more users thanks to the growing number of commuters in Dakar.

Using geo-location technology, the Talibi application shows the nearest bus stops and recommends which one to take, along with the appropriate route, to reach your destination.

Carrapide is the company behind the application. It was created 6 years ago and services range from web service, graphic design, to audio visual services and application development.

Assane Mbengue the Co- Founder said:

Assane Mbengue the Co- Founder

“We are a young start up that was established in 2010, we have many activities in Senegal and many services that we offer including the Talibi application that is one of the most known of our products. We knew how to develop, we knew how to make websites, we knew how to make videos, and this is how we started our activities. The vision of the company is to offer the best service possible to Senegalese.”

The application has been downloaded 20,000 times and Carrapide plans to improve the Talibi app by adding new features that reflect the needs of the locals.

Assane Mbengue the Co- Founder said:

“A great majority of the Senegalese population does not have access to Internet. It represents almost 80% of our potential public. Our goal is to reach the maximum of people and that is what we are working on, developing the solution on USSD code that means to enable people to have access to our services through a code linked to a mobile operator, even when they do not have Internet.”

Talibi application developers have made strides in facilitating mobility for thousands of Senegalese in their day-to-day activities in a city where it is very hard to pinpoint one’s location

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