Tunisia’s Dinar deeps on weak exports & lower investments

Tunisia’s Dinar currency has fallen to record lows versus the euro and the U.S. dollar this week as weaker exports, lower investment and a plunge in tourism revenues erode the country’s foreign reserves.

The Dinar traded at 2.47 against the Euro and 2.16 against the Dollar.

The government is expected to announce new measures aimed at stabilizing the currency.

The Central Bank has however pointed that it would not interfere to halt the slide of the dinar because the level of reserves is still average and reflects the reality of the Tunisian economy.

Government statistics show exports fell 2.6 percent during the first five months of the year while foreign direct investment dropped to 268 million dollars compared to a year earlier.

Islamic State gunmen attacked a museum and a beach hotel packed with tourists within a 3-month period last year, prompting many tour operators to suspend visits to the North African country.