Security beefed up around mosques in Nigeria during Ramadan


Nigerian security forces are bracing for a possible attack during the holy month of Ramadan.

They’ve stepped up patrols around mosques. Boko Haram militants are known to strike during Ramadan.

An Islamic group, the National Council of Muslim Youth Organisation (NACOMYO), Wednesday, called on the militant sect, Boko Haram, to shelve its attacks, in the spirit of Ramadan.

The group made the appeal in a statement issued in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital, to mark the Ramadan period; stressing that the violent organization should henceforth apply a non-violent option.

A few weeks ago the Nigerian Defence Headquarters said it had uncovered plots by sect to bomb locations in Nigeria during the forthcoming Ramadan fast.

“Information available to this Headquarters indicated plans by terrorists to use the Ramadan periods which usually attracts gathering of large number of persons during morning and evening worships and prayers to carryout large scale bombings,” Rabe Abubakar, Nigeria’s director of military information said in a statement sent to PREMIUM TIMES on Saturday.

Mr. Abubakar, a brigadier general, said, “Against this background, the Defence Headquarters (DHQ) wishes to once again advice the general public to be watchful of strange persons and objects in their localities particularly, around places of worships and to promptly report same to security agencie.


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