Taxi-based app service Uber debuts in Ghana

Ghana’s capital is the latest African city where the Uber has expanded to.

The app is available in South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt and Uganda and has so far received a mixed reception in each of those markets.

Over the weekend Uber entered an agreement with Ghana’s Ministry of Transport to develop holistic policy guidelines for taxi hailing operations.

Ghana becomes one of the first countries on the continent to sign the ‘Statement of Understanding’ (SOU) with Uber, whose operations in other parts of the continent have received resistance from traditional taxi drivers.

Fiifi Kwetey, Minister for Transport signed the SOU along with Alon Lits, General Manager for Uber Sub-Saharan Africa at the launch of Uber’s operations in Accra. Uber launched in Accra with free rides over the last week.

Katerina Vittozzi looks at its performance in Ghana so far.