Kenyan govt to prepare law regulating use of Facebook, Twitter



Kenyan government is preparing a Bill seeking to regulate the use of the social media by its citizens, reports Nairobi News.

According to State House Director of Digital Communication, Dennis Itumbi, bloggers and other social media users were misusing the platforms by spewing hate messages and maligning their perceived enemies as there are no proper laws to guide them.

He said the social media platforms are currently operating on self-regulation, with no laws to guard against misuse of the channels.

Itumbi said many people were using the channels to abuse others or declare some individuals they hate dead since no action could be taken against them.

He said consultations with the police and the Kenya Film Classification Board were being made to curb the spread of hate messages ahead of the 2017 General Election.

The director said the legislation is not targeted at opposition bloggers but it was meant to safeguard integrity and protect the public against unwarranted criticism.

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