To photoshop or not? Extreme use of touch-up software stirs debate across Africa



A celebrity photoshop incident angered South African internet users, quickly spreading across the continent and beyond.

It all started when the True Love magazine released an image of its latest cover, on which South African celebrity Lerato Kganyago is the main cover star.


Immediately internet users saw the edited picture, they hit social media to show their dissatisfaction with the Kganyago’s new look. Most commented that the image was so edited that it did not do justice to Lerato’s natural beauty.

In the edited pictures, Kganyago is seen to have an overly smooth skin, with no traces of cellulite at all. In reality however, the star’s skin is not as portrayed.

She also hit at the magazine’s editors for editing her looks to show a woman she was not. She said she has nothing at all to be embarrassed about her body.

Fans and celebrities have been standing by Lerato, calling the move by True Love “spiteful” and “vindictive.”

Well, love it or hate it, Photoshop’s here in Africa to stay, and sometimes it pays off.

One woman in Kenya decided to use the software too. She didn’t change her appearance, but rather, her location. She edited herself onto various scenes in China, prompting a viral discussion on social media about her. Lucky for her though, well-wishers saw her urge to visit China and funded her trip to the country.


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