Uganda’s state of the union

It is a shame for a minister to ask for a bribe from foreigners, Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni has said. Mr Museveni said he gets reports of some of his ministers asking for bribes from foreign investors to facilitate their investments in the country.

“How do you tell a foreigner that you have failed to complete your house or pay school fees for your child? If you fail, talk to your  (National Resistance Movement) party, not a foreigner,” he said.


Mr Museveni equated such government officials to rats that damage the stored crops.

“Struggle to live within your means, corruption is disgusting and will be stamped out. In this five year-term of office, corrupt officials are going to be dealt with accordingly. In this term the corrupt officials are going to see how a Muyekera (resistance fighter) looks like,” he added.

At the same time the main opposition party  Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) wore yellow garments branded #Weareallprisoners as part of showing solidarity to Dr. Kizza Besigye who is currently in Prison.

Kizza Besigye supporters say that imprisoning Kizza Besigye means imprisoning them and imprisoning their decision and choice and have therefore decided to make themselves prisoners just like him.

Photos are being shared everywhere on social media as supporters show their anger towards the act of imprisoning their president and say that they will keep dressing in yellow till he is released.

We-are-all-Prisoners-2 We-are-all-Prisoners-3