South Sudan Unity Government asked to include women in appointment of government jobs


South Sudan women have called on the unity transitional government to include more women in the various branches of the government.

“We are here to explain or to enlighten the women and educate them about the peace agreement, and let everybody have it in his hand to understand what the agreement our government signed is all about,” Said Zeinab Yassin, chairlady of the South Sudan Women’s General Association during a two day national conference in Juba.

South Sudanese woman must understand the peace agreement so as to know which role to play in the reconciliation and healing process. Over 450 South Sudanese women from across the nation gathered in Juba on Wednesday for a two days peace conference aimed at updating women on the status of implementation of the peace agreement and the process of reconciliation for women in the country.

Ms. Yassin called on the Transitional Government of the National Unity to include women in yet to be formed Commission for Truth, Reconciliation and Healing and to appoint at least one female judge to the Hybrid court for South Sudan, which is outlined in the August peace agreement according to VOA.