Namibia to host joint parliamentary assembly to tackle poverty



Namibia will next month host the 31st session of the ACP-European Union Joint Parliamentary Assembly aimed at addressing poverty eradication and sustainable growth.

350 parliamentarians from about 79 African, Caribbean and Pacific countries will attend the three-day event, and will also be joined by 28 others from the European Union.

Namibia’s Speaker of Parliament Peter Katjavivi said the assembly will focus on the sustainable part of the joint assembly’s work towards conservation, trade, poverty eradication and growth.

He also said they will discuss democracy, human rights and humanity’s common values.

EU Ambassador to Namibia Jana Hybaskova said they will further look to issues as solar energy, education, development, as well as water and food security.

She also said the session will offer an opportunity for revisiting the Cotonou Agreement signed in 2000 on poverty eradication and sustainable development.

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