Tunisian mobile gaming couple wins a real cow

A Tunisian couple walked away with an unusual prize of a cow after they recorded the top score in a locally developed mobile phone game.

Pamela the cow was offered as a prize in three forms: the winners could have her driven to their home, have her donated to charity or, well, turned into a fridge-worth of raw meat. The couple took the first option.

She spent two weeks at the game developer’s headquarters in Tunis before being awarded to the unnamed couple at the beginning of May, the Tuniscope news website says.

Bagra is a strategy game that tasks players with fending off alien cattle rustlers, while abducting cows from other players themselves.


In-game purchases allow players to buy kits that help with cattle-rustling activities, the game’s Tunisian developer Digital Mania says, noting that all purchases are in Tunisian dinar instead of US dollars, thus helping the national economy.

Tuniscope reports that Digital Mania already has another prize lined up! Another cow! Her name is Brigitte!

Pamela’s story seems to have ended happily, with Tuniscope viewers watching her being driven away to her new home in the back of a pick-up truck.