5 killed, 13,000 displaced by floods in Tanzania


Ongoing heavy rains and floods have killed five people and left about 13,000 others homeless in Tanzania’s eastern region of Morogoro, authorities said on Thursday.

The killing of the five now brings the death toll from the raging floods to 13 in a space of one week after eight others were killed in the northern region of Kilimanjaro, leaving hundreds of other homeless.

Kebwe Steven Kebwe, the Morogoro regional commissioner, said four people drowned while crossing rivers and a taxi driver drowned in a river with his car and died before residents pulled his body and the car from the river.

Kebwe said the floods have left 13,933 homeless, sweeping away 315 houses in four districts of Kilosa, Morogoro Rural, Kilombero and Malinyi.

“More than 3,000 households have been affected and 12,073 hectares of farms destroyed leaving residents in the affected areas without food,” Kebwe told a news conference.

“We are seeking humanitarian support from various stakeholders. Humanitarian aid was very important at this time because currently the victims don’t have shelter, food and drugs,” he said.

Kebwe said the regional authorities have bought relief supplies, including six tonnes of maize, two tonnes of beans and 400 litres of cooking oil, adding that the supplies have been distributed to the victims.