What are the “must-pack” travel items for people around the world?



When it comes to the absolute “must-pack” travel items for people from different countries around the world, the differences that emerge between various cultures are very interesting. But a recent survey has found one thing in common: food.

A new study carried out by Spanish travel company Lowcostholidays found that 53% of French travelers will take cheese, and 48% of British people make sure that they take tea bags on holiday. Perhaps unsurprisingly, for Chinese tourists, making space in a suitcase for instant noodles is “a pretty good shout”.

Illustrated in an infographic, the study also found 56% of respondents from Japan pack miso soup, while 64% of Italians simply cannot travel without coffee.

The survey polled 7,500 people in 29 countries and regions around the world, by asking what would be the number one item travelers cannot bear to be without when setting off for warmer shores. (Click on the following infographic to find out more.)

However, people on Chinese social media actually don’t completely agree with the results of the survey. Instead, many netizens provided more answers, saying they could not travel without chili sauce and pickled vegetables.

In addition to must-bring delicacies, 37% of Russians surveyed said they would pack playing cards. For Swiss travelers, 30% said a pocket knife is a must.


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