Egyptian puppet satire with a sexual twist gets into trouble with the law

Egypt lawyer sues puppet show for allegedly defying Egypt’s values and ethics as the Members of parliament call for it to be cancelled
The Abla Fahita Puppet depicts a self-indulgent widow that regularly jokes about sex and alcohol. The political satire and liberal comedy ‘talk show’ is watched by millions of fans, about 15 percent of the Egyptian population.
According to lawyer Samir Sabry, the puppet has taken the joke too far, arguing that he “does not believe Abla Fahita is a good example of freedom of speech or creativity … There is a fine line between moral decadence and freedom of speech and creativity.” The case will be heard in June
Abla Fahita has been referred to as “kinky” for openly speaking out on condoms, hangovers and even posing with a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey, according to Al Arabiya English. In a satirical song, which aired on Egyptian private TV channel CBC, the puppet labeled MPs as being “impaired.”
Egypt’s MPs have called for the show to be barred and for the television channel CBC to be taken off air according to Al Monitor. MPs have termed the Abla Fahita as inappropriate and submitted an urgent motion for the government to discipline the program.