Late students forced to write 1000 emojis by hand as a punishment



What is the punishment you fear the most when you know you’re going to be late for class?

Recently, a strict professor at the University of Electronic Science and Technology in Chengdu, China invented a new punishment for students who arrive late to his lectures – forcing them to write out 1,000 emojis by hand!


These pictures of 1000 emojis were posted online and have instantly gone viral on Chinese social media, as they remind netizens of their own childhood memories of the punishments they received for being late to class.



Traditionally, tardy students are often asked by their teacher to stand for at least 10 minutes, or made to copy lines of text several times over.

The teacher’s unusual move has also aroused debate on whether the 1000 emojis punishment is a good idea or not.

Some netizens said it is an interesting way of forcing students to quit their bad habits, while others simply called the punishment pointless and a waste of time.


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