Malawi declares state of national disaster over drought

Malawi declares state of national disaster

There are renewed concerns over the devastating drought. Several countries in the region are affected. Mozambique’s government has now issued a red alert.

Zimbabwe earlier this year declared a state of national disaster, and Malawi has now done so too. We begin our coverage tonight in that country.

The children of Malawi are waiting. Not for school, nor play-time, nor for fun. But simply for food.
Behind them, the best hope they have at getting it – withers away.

A combination of floods and dry spells have ravaged crops.  Nearly three million people are either going hungry, or surviving on food aid.

In a few weeks time that will stop, unless funding is secured.

The number of families affected is expected to double to more than five million – a third of the country. A state of emergency looks likely.

Aid agencies say that years of resilience building is being worn away and the next six months, could haunt the country for years to come.