Kenya tightens security as threats of attacks surface


Kenya Police AP Units NEP Kenya Somalia Border

Kenya has increased security at the coastal town of Malindi after threats of a planned terror attack by the Somali terrorist group Al Shabaab were reported.

Regional police commander Francis Wanjohi, confirmed that the Al Shabaab fighters are planning to use suicide bombers to execute the attack. The militants are believed to be targeting government facilities and popular public places.

“We have beefed up security in Malindi following reports of a planned terror attack. We have increased police patrols and heightened intelligence,” Wanjohi told Xinhua in Mombasa.

Communities living on the border to Somalia are alarmed that the Al Shabaab might attack them to release their frustration of the increased airstrikes and attacks in Southern Somalia.

“We are aware that during the rainy season it makes easy for the militants to move and cross into the country. But we are monitoring the situation to avert any possible attacks,” Wanjohi stressed to Xinhua

Security operations along the Kenya Somalia border within the Boni forest that is mainly used by the insurgents to cross into Kenya has been increased.




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