King Salman set to begin two-day visit to Egypt on Thursday


Its the meeting between the richest Arab nation and the most populous nation. The to countries, Soudi Arabia and Egypt, don’t see eye to eye on issues like the Syrian conflict and ties with Russia. However, the war on terror in the region, has unified them.

The 80 year old King Salman, who rarely travels, is visiting Egypt this week, to silence those who claim a rift between both nations. He brings with him powerful economic support in the form of billion of dollars worth of petroleum aid, loans, grants and investments. In return, Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah Al sisi, has always pledged to deploy the Arab world’s largest army to protect the gulf kingdoms.

The Egyptian army is part of the arab coaltion force in Yemen and has joined in the military excercises in northern Saudi Arabia this month. In Cairo, Both leaders are expected to strengthen coordination in dealing with the multiple challenges facing the middle east.