Huge numbers of Chinese tourists give Egypt tourism some reprieve


China’s President Xi Jinping visit to Egypt early this year has led to an increased number of Chinese tourists travelling to Egypt amid the recession being experienced in the North Africa country reports Xinhua

“Business died as most foreign tourists stopped visiting the city lately,” Wael Ahmed, an owner of a bazaar in Luxor, Egypt told Xinhua, adding “However business improved after Chinese tourists started visiting Luxor.”

Hundreds of Chinese tourists are said to visit Luxor city daily, frequenting the restaurants, coffee shops, bazaars and malls. Egypt received 35 percent more Chinese tourists immediately after Chinese President Xi Jinping visited the country.

“The number of Chinese tourists increased from 65,000 to 135,000 in 2015,” Zaazou said, adding that he believes the number could rise to between half a million and a million shortly, once flights from China to Egypt increase.

Other than the rich history and being one of the most ancient civilization in the world, Egypt is cheaper that neighbouring Arabic countries such as United Arab Emirates (UAE), Lebanon or Jordan according to a Chinese tourist Helen, interviewed by Xinhua

“Egypt in general and Luxor in particular are rather special. Luxor’s 7,000 year-old history attracts Chinese tourists who single out Egypt for its rich history, and they also want to learn more about its local culture,” Yang Lili, a Chinese leader of a tourist group told Xinhua during a tour of Karnak Temple.

Egypt has experienced tourism slump since the Russian plane crash in North Sinai in October last year which led to Russia and Britain halting flights to the land of Pharaohs. Egypt has suffered tourism decline during the three years of political turmoil which included two mass uprising which toppled two presidents that led several countries to ban travel to Egypt for a while due to safety reasons.