Angola Yellow Fever death toll hits 225


The death toll from Yellow Fever outbreak in Angola has hit 225, with an estimated 1,600 cases recorded so far, Health Minister Luis Sambo said on Tuesday.

Sambo revealed this after meeting with World Health Organization (WHO) officials, saying that the disease had spread to 16 of the country’s 18 provinces.

“We need to increase the response capacity… in both technological resources (such) as medicines and vaccines, as well as in personnel,” he said.

A WHO official on March 18 said that the outbreak, which began late last year, had killed 158 people in Angola.

There’s no cure for yellow fever, and treatment is limited to supportive care, such as blood pressure management, administering fluids and in some cases, dialysis to manage kidney failure.

However, there is a highly effective yellow fever vaccine that’s been around for roughly 80 years.