Four Chinese citizens killed in Angola after a land deal goes sour


Four Chinese expatriates were murdered in Luanda, Angola’s capital over a failed land deal with local people

According to Xinhua, the four Chinese were reported missing on January 17th after attending a meeting with a local land owner in Southern Luanda. The four disappeared without contacting their families, only for their bodies to be found in a deserted water tank on March 18th.

Over 1000 Chinese held a memorial on Monday in Luanda to mourn the deaths organized by the General Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Angola. Chinese Ambassador Cui Aimin asked the Angolan police to promptly conduct investigations and bring the suspects to justice. Cui added that the barbarous killings of the Chinese has provoked wide spread indignation and condemnation of Chinese nationals in the country.

Police investigations have revealed that the four Chinese were killed after insisting on getting a refund of a down payment they had put on the land that is approximated to be about 210,000 US dollars an equivalent to 36 million Kwanzas after the land deal with the locals failed.

At least 12 Angolan suspects have been arrested by the police and seven charged with being directly involved with the murder of the Chinese. Among those charged include three soldiers in active duty and one member of the Angolan Special Police, reports Xinhua