Liberia’s Ebola victim given experimental drug



A five-year-old Liberian boy who tested positive for Ebola after contracting the virus from his mother is receiving treatment with an experimental drug, ZMapp.

The boy’s 30-year-old mother died from Ebola on Thursday last week in another setback in the country’s quest to purge the virus out of its borders.

The BBC reports the West African country’s deputy health minister Tolbert Nyenswah to have said that the boy was in “good spirit, moving around”.

The two are the only latest confirmed cases of the virus in the latest flare-up.

Ebola awareness campaigns have again been stepped with people urged to wash hands and to submit all bodies for swabbing before burial.

The World Health Organization last week said that West Africa’s Ebola outbreak no longer constitutes an international public health risk, there have been small flare-ups even after countries received the all-clear.

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