South Africans urged to promote local products



South Africa’s Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa says the government, big businesses and South Africans need to buy locally produced goods and services, and he made his case for that, at the annual Proudly SA, Buy Local summit in Johannesburg.

“Our country is invested in establishing a strong manufacturing base. We are pursuing a path of industrial expansion so that we may extract greater value from our natural resources so that we may export more, and this we will be able to do, and through that we will be able to create jobs so that we can sustain high levels of economic growth and by so doing we will be able to ensure that our people get a much better life.”

This annual summit is aimed at promoting local manufacturing and businesses to encourage an increase in the uptake of local goods and services in the country.

It is also a call to action for ordinary consumers and procurement decision makers to increase their uptake of local products to ensure support of local job creation and stimulation of the local economy.

Small businesses and local manufacturers and enterprises have put up stalls to showcase their goods and services to the dozens of buyers and potential investors.

Proudly SA believes that one of the major ways to boost the South African economy is having confidence in what the country produces.


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