Uber driver shot dead in Cape Town


A day before his 60th birthday, a Cape Town Uber driver was killed on Friday morning while waiting to pick up two passengers in Rondebosch.  Nani Chehore said his father, Webb-Law Chehore, was shot dead in Burg Road, near the Baxter Theatre in Rondebosch at around 5am on Friday. Chehore said he suspected his father, who has been an Uber driver since March last year, may have been followed.


“When the girls (his passengers) came down they heard shots, but they thought these were cars backfiring,” Chehore told Weekend Argus on Friday afternoon. One passenger even got into the car, only to find the driver covered in blood. Chehore said his father was a well-known and well-liked driver who had recently been told that he was one of the group’s best. Police said an investigation had been opened; no one had yet been arrested.

Uber spokeswoman Samantha Allenberg said they were notified on Friday one of their drivers had been involved in a violent crime. “After speaking to the authorities it would appear this act is in no way related to the driver operating on the Uber platform. “Our thoughts and hearts go out to the victim’s familyin the midst of this tragedy and we extend our sincerest condolences,” she said. The dead driver leaves a wife and six children.

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