Kenyan police probe American over firearms


Kenya’s anti-terrorism police officers are investigating an American after seizing several firearms from his house in the coastal city of Mombasa.

Regional police commander Francis Wanjohi said the officers raided the American’s house following intelligence and recovered the prohibited arms, including three pepper sprays apparatus, two electric stun guns and a lipstick knife among other things.

“We are still interrogating him to establish his motive in the country, he has no license to hold any firearm,” Wanjohi told journalists in Mombasa.

The American was identified as Richardson Roller who resides in Nyali estate, and is married to a Kenyan woman.

Police suspected Roller could be involved in firearm trafficking in the country. Senior ATPU officers said the suspect’s passport indicates that he has made several trips to different East Africa countries under unclear mission.

“We suspect he could be supporting terrorism activities through funding and firearm trafficking. He is likely to be charged with being in possession with firearms as we continue to investigate him,”Wanjohi said.

“We are on higher alert after intelligence reports warned some Kenya Al-Shabaab returnees have sneaked in to the country to carry out attacks,” he said.