Egyptian president cautions against direct military intervention in Libya

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Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el Sisi

Egypt was the first country to strike ISIL camps in Libya last year. It also tried to push the security council to approve a coalition force to intervene in Libya. But Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el Sisi seemed to have backed down on his previous approach. He said he prefers providing arms and assistance to the Libyan army rather than direct intervention.

“Although Egypt always confirmed that he will be ready to support any Arab country in need, but plans by the US and some of its western allies to intervene in arab countries especially in Libya made President Sisi change his stance and not send Egyptian army into Libya because Libya became a dangerous haven for foreign and western powers” said Alaa Halawany, Foreign Desk, Al Akhbar Daily

Egypt is one of the countries most affected by the terrorists in Libya who infiltrate Egypt’s western border to attack Egyptian forces. Sisi has been assisting the Libyan army, in its ear on terrorists, with weapons, military training , logistics and intelligence information. But it seems Sisi is skeptical about the western plans for a comprehensive attack.

“The US and its allies’ intervention in Libya would have turned the region into a permanent war zone in which these countries would interfere and try to control the region and Egypt “added Alaa Halawany, Foreign Desk, Al Akhbar Daily

Egypt was a main player in the Thunder of the North Military exercises in Saudi Arabia recently

Egypt feels the Libyan army should be the one fighting terrorism, but if it failed, the best alternative would be an Arab led force rather than a western led international coalition.