Nigerian wonder artist’s work draws international attention



A young Nigerian Artist has sparked a huge sensation on social media across the continent with his amazing art works.

35-year-old Olumide Oresegun’s paintings are so life-like that people are now comparing some of his paintings to that of the famous Italian polymath, Leonardo da Vinci.

Olumide operates from his personal art studio in the outskirt of the capital, Lagos.


His works are stunningly hyper-realistic that at first glances most people think they are photographs until they take very detailed and deliberate second looks.

Olumide says he started as an impressionist artist before shifting to realist art then finally settling on hyper-realist art.

The Nigerian began painting at a very early age, long before he went to the famous Yaba College of Technology in Lagos to pursue a higher diploma in Fine Art.

He only set out as a professional artist eight years ago. But his works hardly give that impression.


Water and children are consistent theme in his work. He says there is a reason for for it.

“Water is a very difficult subject to treat and manipulate with the medium I use. So it’s like a challenge. I try to challenge myself to do something that is very difficult. So I believe if I can achieve something that is very difficult, it gives me an edge and also I work with children because I see them a lot in my surrounding. I play with children a lot and I realize if I don’t do something with the things in my surrounding, it will be difficult to go outside.”

In just few weeks of posting some of his works on Instagram, Olumide now has well over thirty thousand followers. The works have been shared several times over and some people are already describing him as the Leonardo da Vinci of Nigeria.


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