Kenya launches energy saving charcoal stove

An American company, says it has come up with a modern charcoal cooking stove, the ‘Jikokoa’. The company-Burn, has already set up a production facility outside the capital Nairobi.

Chris Akin, the vice President says their product has several advantages over current rivals in the market .

He says burn Jiko is an improvement on other cooking stoves in the market.

The company says, it is 50% faster to light, saves up to 60% charcoal per meal, reduces 65% in carbon monoxide emissions and a 63% reduction in smoke particles

Designed  in the United states, the cooking stove is manufactured locally in Kenya.
One of the major investors behind it is Acumen, which focuses on social enterprises. The company sources most of its raw material from
China with the rest found locally
Their model is simple. So far, that has proved successful

IN Uganda over 140,000 stoves have been shipped to date, saving families millions and helping conserve the environment.

They are confident that same success can be replicated in Kenya before rolling out the product, across sub Saharan Africa.