New Libyan ministers to establish office in Tripoli



Ministers from a newly appointed Libyan unity government are expected to establish an office in Tripoli in the coming days, but their arrival is likely to be contested, and could trigger fresh violence in the capital.

The new government is facing multiple challenges. It has already been fiercely rejected by several forces and militias inside the North African country.

There are fears that the militias could even resort to violence to avoid relinquishing their powers to this new leadership.

The main threat however comes from ISIL which has gained ground in Libya, and threatens the whole region.

The new government is expected to authorise a multinational stabilisation force under Italian leadership, which would train new Libyan troops.

The UK, Germany, France and Spain promised to provide up to 1,000 troops each.  The US also hopes the government would approve airstrikes and special forces against ISIL.

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