Mobile phone software helps detect plant disease outbreaks on time



Researchers in Uganda have developed technology that will help farmers detect disease outbreaks on time. Over 70% of Ugandans work in the agricultural sector and improving productivity is key.

The mobile phone application will diagnose diseases in plants instantly.

Farmers will take pictures of the crop leaves and relay it to a centralized system for immediate feedback.

The pilot project begins with detecting diseases that affect the cassava plant.

The research will then be rolled out to other crops in time.

Researchers hope that the new App will give real-time information on whether a cassava plant is infected, enabling farmers to manage the disease and in turn improve productivity of the crop.”

Cassava is a staple food in many households in Uganda placing it as the second most consumed food.

But many farmers have no means of detecting disease on their farms.

The new application has been welcomed by farmers.

Cassava is a drought resistant crop and provides a livelihood for many rural farmers.
Researchers are now training some farmers on how the application works.

Scientists say this new development will go a long way in controlling the spread of diseases in cassava that is capable of destroying acres of plantations in a short time.


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