Egypt abstains from UNSC vote on punishing abuses by UN troops

Egypt abstains from UNSC vote on punishing abuses by UN troops

Here are some reactions after the UN Security Council passed it’s first ever resolution to address the incidents of sexual abuse by UN peacekeepers, in the conflict areas they are serving.

The UN has been under pressure for months, over allegations of child rape and other abuses by its troops. The Security council voted for more stringent action.

Sexual abuse by Peacekeepers against women and children has been on the rise. According to the UN, each country is responsible to investigate with and punish the convicted soldiers from its units. However there were hundreds of allegations of sexual abuse by the so called blue helmets, hence the new resolution.

Egypt is one of the first member states to participate in the UN forces since 1960. It has 37 thousand troops in the peacekeeping force. It requested an amendment to the resolution to avoid collective action for the mistakes of a few individuals.

The amendment was supported by several countries including China, Russia and  Angola. But the amendment  was turned down by the majority, citing it will weaken the resolution’s aim to eradicate abuse entirely.

CCTV’s Yasser Hakim now looks at the new rules and why Egypt was the only country to abstain from voting.