Muslim Brotherhood leader calls for unity to fight ISIL

Only a comprehensive reconciliation among Libyans will enable ISIL to be eliminated in the country, Ali Salabi, a leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood has said.

Salabi, widely seen as the ideological brains and real head of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya, today urged all sides to stop wasting time in further fighting.


“ I don’t think there is any solution to the Libyan crisis but overall reconciliation, away from intervention by foreigners who do not want good for Libya” he said in a statement issued in Tripoli, adding that everyone should rally round to fight against terrorism and extremism which were alien to a moderate Libya.

“The war on terror needs a national unity government backed by all Libyans with a clearly defined mandate which is also prepared to cooperate with the international war on terrorism”.

Salabi stopped short of endorsing the proposed Government of National Accord and its prime minister-designate Faiez Serraj.

However, Mohamed Sawan, the head of the Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the Justice and Construction Party last week did give his backing to the GNA. He told the new US ambassador to Libya, Peter Bodde that he expected the House of Representatives would approve the new government.

Salabi’s statement appeared to be timed to coincide with the meeting tomorrow of some members of the House of Representatives and the rump of the General National Congress to press ahead with plans for their own Libyan-Libyan government on national reconciliation.