Shoot-to-kill albino killers – Malawi police ordered


Infuriated by the persisting abductions and killings of albinos by gang’s in Malawi, the country’s police chief has issued a shoot-to-kill order against those caught in the inhumane act.

“We first heard of such horrible stories of albino abductions and killings in neighbouring Tanzania. The problem has now spilled to Malawi and hence it is important to fight against this criminality aggressively and professionally,” said Kachama.

Criminal gangs nicknamed “albino hunters’ have been terrorizing the southeast African country, armed with machetes, knives and axes, abducting and often killing albinos in broad day light and in the dead of the night.

According to the police, by now about 50 criminal offences have been committed against albinos and the number might even be higher than as some incidents may not have been reported to police.

Police figures show that as of January this year, at least 11 people with albinism were killed while 34 others were attacked with some of them suffering body mutilations.

Besides the use of violence, the police say all sorts of tricks are used by criminals involved in a syndicate that is hunting for albino body parts in Malawi, including the use of parents and relatives to catch their prey.

The abductors often sell the albino body parts for witchcraft purposes.